Baby Be Sweet

Meet Our Team

Vets a Foster Dog

Each dog we foster receives vaccinations, spay/neuter and heartworm preventve.


Provides Medical Care

From Heartworm treatment to ortho or skin conditions.


Transporation Services

This allows us to get a dog from a kill shelter to an open foster home; sometimes several states away.

What Your Purchases Do

Anna Cabal

Owner - Collars by AnnaMarie

About Baby Be Sweet​

Cora Davidson

Rat Terrier ResQ - Treasurer

Owner - ResQ Wear by Cora

Foster Home - South Region

Lori Ann Micksch

Owner - Baby Be Sweet

Foster Home - NE WI

Baby Be Sweet is dedicated to our beautiful girl and amazing ResQ spokes dog, Baby Be Sweet.  She had a "ruff" start in life, but became beloved by everyone who met her.

Sadly, we lost our lovely angel dog 2-3-16.  Her spirit lives on in every dog we save.

Baby Be Sweet features products which support Rat Terrier ResQ; many which are made by our volunteers.  Please consider supporting Rat Terrier ResQ with purchases from this site.